About Us


Zohaib Imran

He took the initiative to start a business in Dubai, and Zohaib Imran is determined to change the traditional business through advanced abilities, self-improvement, and limited building. His vision is to engage individuals to accomplish independence through their polished advanced skills, mainly through Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) model. His struggle was so hard, and initially, he started by learning, and now, he has enough experience to deliver lectures on eCommerce and its related fields.

Zohaib Imran established Zib International as a sole owner, and now he has a team of experienced people ready to assist you. Zib International undoubtedly offers courses that will lead you the way to success, so join the league and be a part of it. Through EdTech fire up, Zohaib Imran is changing lives through the neighborhood and worldwide internet business, computerized and innovative new companies.

Zib international is one of Dubai’s pioneer and renowned EdTech companies that solely focus on capacity building and skill development in the advanced digital and eCommerce arena. The company started its operation in 2017, and it has now become the priority of thousands of people who want to join eCommerce courses and choose a particular income stream.

Undoubtedly, in the near future, we will achieve our target of millions of users who will become the major contributor to the economic growth of the country.

UAE, Self Sufficient Land:

We at Zib international try to figure out all the possible local and global eCommerce opportunities because Dubai is the land of opportunities and it has a wide scope of growth and development.

Our Mission

Zib international set its goal and straightaway worked on it. Our priority is the worldwide recognition of the Zib International eCommerce community through the digital world.

Right now, we are focusing on two major plans:

  1. Generate maximum mass number in the service sector so we can empower them with suitable and right skills and training. 
  2. We want to endorse Dubai as the international e-commerce hub that everyone wishes to join and work with through digital ways. 

Our founder Mr. Zohaib Imran is a very ambitious and hardworking team leader, and under his supervision, we will achieve our goals so surely. We know we are not alone in this race, and we also face resistance and criticism from our opponents but still, we are on our way to success and development. 

People want to learn about eCommerce, especially how to deal with Amazon, one of the leading eCommerce portals. We take the start of the company with the Amazon FBA model and learn about wealth creation and business automation. People have many doubts and buts regarding eCommerce but here we are for your assistance.