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Crafting Striking Listing Visuals

Are you an Amazon seller seeking a product photographer and professional design service? We elevate your products with captivating photos and optimized infographics tailored for Amazon display. From infographics and A+ content to Premium A+ content, Brand stores, and Amazon videos, we’re here to propel your listings to the top with our Amazon seller-focused product photography services. Just send us your samples—leave the rest to us!

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We're Amazon Sellers at Heart

We’re not your typical agency offering professional Amazon listing design services. In fact, we’re a collective of Amazon sellers, just like you. We understand the challenges inherent in selling on Amazon and the significance of striking imagery for your products. Whether it’s the main image, lifestyle shots, infographics, A+ content, or product videos, we comprehend what it takes to elevate your Amazon listing. If you’re deeply invested in your Amazon brand store and your brand’s representation on Amazon, our specialized Amazon Product Photography service is precisely what you’re looking for.

What You Receive

Premium Imagery for Your Listing

Your search for top-tier Amazon photography services ends here! Backed by a team of two adept product photographers, Amazon marketing experts, designers, and a specialized studio, we deliver unmatched quality and efficiency. We’re skilled at capturing product images that align perfectly with your online buyers’ expectations and Amazon’s guidelines. The real question is, do you aspire to optimize your listings? Reach out today to explore how our Amazon product photography service can revolutionize your listing.

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Managing a business involves numerous hurdles, but handling Amazon shouldn’t add to the stress. With Zib International by your side, you can be confident that your brand will flourish and expand effortlessly.

Amazon Images

Increase traffic & conversions with eye-catching stunning photographs.

Professional Video

Studio quality videos to make your listings standout.

Amazon Infographics

Portray your products features and benefits with the right infographics.

A+ Content

The right strategy for your A+ content to increase your sales.

Lifestyle Images

Models, props and backgrounds to bring your products to life.

A+ Content Store

Building your brands store on Amazon.

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As the foremost full-service Amazon marketing agency in the UAE & KSA, Zib is the go-to choice for clients seeking success on Amazon. Here’s what they have to say about their experience with us.

Our 3-Step Process

Our aim is to understand the client’s business and their challenges with Amazon before defining goals and beginning work.





For product images on the Amazon platform, the technical specifications are as follows:

  • Format: TIFF (.tiff/.tif), JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg), PNG (.png)
  • Pixel Dimension: >1000 px
  • Color Mode: sRGB or CMYK
  • Details Required: Amazon ASIN Code, 13-digit ISBN number, EAN, JAN, or UPC code
  • Maximum Size: 10 MB
  • Crop Ratio: 1:1 – 5:1

In addition to these technical guidelines, specific standards apply to Amazon’s main images:

  • Professional photography of the product is mandatory.
  • The image should not include any extraneous or confusing objects.
  • It must be professionally captured, well-lit, or scanned.
  • The product should occupy at least 85% of the image frame.
  • No additional text or graphics are permitted.
  • The background must be white.

We’d appreciate gathering the following details:

● Product Description: Comprehensive insights into your product, encompassing its features and benefits.
● Photography Preferences: Specify your desired angle and aperture for the product’s shots.
● Quantity of Shots: How many product shots are you looking to have?
● Image Specifications: Specify your preferred image size and format – small, medium, or large.
● Lifestyle Imagery Needs: Should you require a model for your photoshoot, we can arrange that and provide a list of models we collaborate with.
● Beyond these, additional details might be necessary for Amazon product photography. Feel free to reach out to our team for further information. We’re committed to accommodating your unique needs.

The timeline for producing product images varies based on several factors:

● Product Type: The complexity varies, impacting the duration—beauty, clothing, electronics, etc.
● Photography Style: Whether it’s studio-based, set design, or real environment photography affects the time required.
● Model or Prop Needs: Incorporating models or props for ideal shots can extend the total production time.

Connect with us to discuss and gain insights into the estimated timeframe.

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