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Zohaib Imran

He took the initiative to start a business in Dubai, and Zohaib Imran is determined to change the traditional business through advanced abilities, self-improvement, and limited building. His vision is to engage individuals to accomplish independence through their polished advanced skills, mainly through Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) model. His struggle was so hard, and initially, he started by learning, and now, he has enough experience to deliver lectures on eCommerce and its related fields.

Zohaib Imran established Zib International as a sole owner, and now he has a team of experienced people ready to assist you. Zib International undoubtedly offers courses that will lead you the way to success, so join the league and be a part of it. Through EdTech fire up, Zohaib Imran is changing lives through the neighborhood and worldwide internet business, computerized and innovative new companies.

Zib International is an EdTech company that offers top-notch eCommerce courses for new and old business holders. Join us and polish your business skills, and if you require any storage facility, we offer Shipus for you, where you can purchase private storage for your goods at an affordable price.